Non 12 Step Rehab

What Is A Non 12 Step Rehab Program?

It is similar to a 12-step program, but there is reduced emphasis on a "higher power". They still rely on an abstinence on drugs and alcohol. They refuse to label the addiction as a "disease". 12 step programs tend to label the addiction as a "disease". The non 12 step rehab program have all the fundamentals of a 12 step, but they take away the dogmas and "preachy" part of it.


Think of this in the same vein as you would spirituality and religion. Religion breeds fragmentation and indoctrination. Spirituality does not. You can still reach your higher power without all the "trappings" that the other groups have.


What Are the Benefits of Attending One Of These Meetings?


1) Some do not like all the "trappings" of a religion. A 12 step rehab program offers a "religious" type world. Some like to have something more secular. They want to have the freedom to handle their sobriety on their terms, not something so "preachy" and "dogmatic".


2) Some like the idea of knowing that disease is not beyond your control. Some of these 12 step groups have this idea that the addiction is beyond your control and you have to take it one day at a time. There are many who do not agree with this idea.


Everyone should feel free to get sober and clean they choose to. Sometimes when a person's life is too structured, it causes them to start drinking and using. Allowing the person to get sober in their own way gives them a chance to breathe.


It is never too late to get clean and sober in the way you choose to.

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