Non 12 Step Rehab

Non 12 Step Rehab

Beyond the 12 steps

The 12 step programs that are out there promise to help anyone who sincerely tries to get well from whatever addition or problem that troubles them. This has been one of the biggest lies in this century. 12 step programs will swear that they work for anyone that tries them when in fact they have a very low percentage of success among addicts. They litter just about every type of social institution's philosophy, from courts to drug rehabs with the idea that if the addict fails to benefit from the program, it's simply their fault. Few people agree that this is true.


Non 12 step rehab

If you've tried the 12 steps and find yourself repeatedly being uncomfortable with their philosophy and approach to addiction and other problems, you're not alone. Millions of people have fled 12 step programs in search of other solutions that work. 12 step programs have done a lot of good in the world but they can't save everyone and research continues to show this. If you need another approach to treatment, don't hesitate to look into a non 12 step rehab. These places don't rely on the 12 steps as the foundation of their treatment centers.


Another way to get well 

Addiction is a terrible thing. We can all agree on that. Any program that helps addicts recover, even for a short time, is to be given a lot of credit. If you don't like the 12 steps and find that you're unable to benefit from its very intense approach, look for a new way. It doesn't matter what type of program you use to get well as long as you GET WELL! If you're an addict, you have the right to try other types of programs that may work better.

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