Non 12 Step Rehab


Not 12 Steps. One Step. The Right Step.


The Bottom

Had enough? Have the types of mild mental illnesses effecting millions of people led you to self-medicating? If you are living each moment in absolute despair, planning each day in desperation around drugs and alcohol, you may have a problem. If 12 step based programs have availed you nothing, leaving you in chronic relapse, there is an alternative.



The Alternative Solution

Elevation Behavioral Health can provide the key, lighting the way out of your darkness. Recovery is not a one size fits all. There is no wrong way in the recovery process, only the right way form fitting to your individual needs. At Elevation Behavioral Health, the challenge of combating dual diagnosis issues is met head on, utilizing alternative methods designed to address each underlining issue supporting your addiction. We focus on evidence based therapies, holistics and strategic methods in behavioral health so you and your recovery are not left rolling the dice, gambling on the dependency of 12 step programs and fellowships that have failed you time and again. Time to try something new. Something fitting you. Something effective.



The Location

Elevation Behavioral Health is a premier yet private facility, located in the center of a breathtaking canyon and within a short distance of the comforting shores of Malibu in Southern California. Here, you will find the serenity integral to your peace of mind and recovery, while enjoying fresh air and a panoramic view of soothing, plush, green mountains set against the horizon.



Your Next and Only Necessary Step

Call us now at Elevation Behavioral Health and get started today on your recovery. You deserve a solution that works for you, because your recovery is all about you. Let us lead you out of your desperate darkness. Call now or click this non 12 step rehab for more info.